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Welcome to /r/DJs

/r/DJs is a subreddit for general DJ discussion: equipment, techniques, news, music, etc.

If you are new and are interested in learning how to DJ please check out this thread first.

There is also an entire subreddit /r/Beatmatch dedicated to helping new DJs learn.

Subreddit Rules

Rule #1: Be nice.

Please think twice before posting about the following topics. Instead consider searching for and reading older threads.

  • Beatmatching vs Syncing
  • Turntables vs CDJs vs Controllers
  • Fake DJs miming on TV
  • "What music should I play?"
  • "Please vote for my mix!"
  • "Follow me on Facebook!"
  • "Digital DJing is Bad"
  • Your opinions on Skrillex
  • Your opinions on Dubstep
  • Your opinions on Top 40 music
    and so on...

Do not post any image macros/memes (unless they are really funny), rage comics or pictures of your setup. Do not use this subreddit to advertise your Mobile DJ Business / Crew / Club night / For-sale items. Avoid posting mixes, unless they are something really special.

Sexist/Racist/Homophobic submissions will be removed at the mods' discretion.

Do not discuss software or music piracy. Support the people who make your hobby/career possible.

Please try to be polite, friendly and helpful when commenting.

PLEASE REPORT posts and comments that violate the above rules or just suck. Thank you!

/r/DJs chat

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If you prefer IRC, connect to #r_DJs on Freenode using your favourite IRC client or try out the Freenode webchat

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The MotM is on currently on indefinite hiatus. View all previous winners here!

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