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Reflexes only fathers have.

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A place to post about Dads reflexing/reacting to stuff, good or bad.


  1. Reflexes can be good OR bad

  2. Try to start posts with "Dad..." Posts must have something to do with a kid or it must be obvious that the subject is a dad.

  3. Use RES compatible links

  4. Use approved hosts only

  5. No reposts from the current hot 50 or top 100 of all time.

  6. No habitual reposting of previous submissions to Dad Reflexes.

  7. No racism/bigotry. I can't believe we even have to specify this. Adhere to reddiquette, people.

  8. Posts must contain a reaction.

Approved Hosts

  • imgur
  • gfycat
  • giphy
  • YouTube

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  • /r/DadJokes for teh funnies

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  • /r/Daddit for real dads

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