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r/Dakimakuras: The place for your fluffy waifus (/r/Dakimakuras)

Post pictures of your dakimakuras or of ones you find online~


  • Do not promote bootlegs.

  • All questions should be directed to the stickied thread.

  • Be polite. Anyone caught being unreasonably mean will have their comment deleted and possibly be banned.

  • If you have a question, please check the search bar and DakimakuraGuy's two guides linked below

Useful Links

Help finding dakimakura

Help buying dakimakura

Rough Evening Call registration guide

Places to buy:

Hobby Search

Evening Call

Amiami Website





Yahoo Japan (Requires proxy)

Recommended Proxy services:

Shopping Mall Japan - Best for US customers, but good all around. Nice interface.

SutoCorp - Email based, quick communication, reasonable fees.

Upcoming Dakimakura



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