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Post pictures of your dakimakuras or of ones you find online~


  • Do not promote bootlegs*.

  • Do not link to content created by bootleggers, even if said content is not a bootleg itself.

  • All questions should be directed to the stickied thread. Questions posted outside of the thread may be met with a 24 hour ban.

  • Be polite. Anyone caught being unreasonably mean will have their comment deleted and possibly be banned.

  • If you have a question, please check the search bar and DakimakuraGuy's two guides linked below

  • Subreddit rules regarding sales threads can be found here.

*A bootleg dakimakura cover is any dakimakura cover which was produced using an image without the explicit permission of the original illustrator or whoever owns the rights to the image.

Useful Links

Help finding dakimakura

Help buying dakimakura

Rough Evening Call registration guide

Taobao Purchasing Guide (Beware of bootlegs)

Places to buy:

Hobby Search

Evening Call

Amiami Website



Yahoo Japan Auctions (Requires proxy, has bootlegs too - be careful)

Cuddly Octopus

Recommended Proxy services:

Shopping Mall Japan - Best for US customers, but good all around. Nice interface.

SutoCorp - Email based, quick communication, reasonable fees.

Upcoming Dakimakura

Blog (no longer updating)



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