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Dark Angels: young, dark and sexy

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This reddit is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. This 18+ reddit is for pics and gifs of sexy ebony, Latina, Desi and other brown-skinned ethnic teens. Nudity is a plus but not a must. Self-shots of natural homegrown amateurs are our favourites, but we love real teen models, camgirls and porn starlets too.

Cute girl next door or exotic barely legal pro, as long as they're young, dark and sexy.

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  1. All girls you post should be of legal age, but not too much older.
  2. No personal information.
  3. Strictly no dicks.


Please post direct links to images or image galleries only. Links to blogspam and pay-sites will be removed. URL shorteners are prohibited.

If your post doesn't show up right away, just message a mod.

If you like a submission, give props.

Submission titles with requests for model names or source information will be removed. The images can be re-submitted with different titles. Requests for model names or source information should be placed in comments. Posts to this subreddit containing social media contact information for any of the models/persons in the title or in the image/video itself, will be removed.

Racist submissions and/or comments will result in an automatic ban.

If cross-posting any photos of redditors- eg from /r/gonewild, /r/gonewildcolor, /r/gonewildcurvy, /r/gonewildplus (or any other "gonewild" subreddit) - get permission from the original poster first and post a link to the original submission rather than the image URL.

Users submitting pictures of themselves, wives, girlfriends, ex-wives and ex-girlfriends should be prepared to submit verification, proof of identity and consent of the model shown. We follow the guidelines provided by /r/gonewild for verification.

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  • [gallery] - for multiple pics and galleries

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