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DarkFuturology: The dystopian future, forewarned

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DarkFuturology examines dystopian trends. We emerged from growing dissatisfaction with the utopian tech-porn dominating Futurology.

What is the Dark Future?

The global ruling class is indifferent to the needs and dreams of the global masses. But when we're no longer required to reproduce, work, consume and pay taxes, what's next?

Automation, natural limits, and new inequalities will be the gamechangers of the 21st century. Our well-schooled world leaders maintain absolute silence on such crucial matters.

Imagine the ferocity of competition for wealth and status if the rewards were material luxury and extended lifespans and perfect offspring and supercharged bodies & minds.

Against the backdrop of energy scarcity and volatile climatic events, all necessary measures to protect power and privilege are now in place. But increasingly VUCA times are assured.


  • Posts to be future-focused, with a dark element heralding a lasting negative impact on humanity/society.

  • Collapse stories to clearly imply an enduring dystopian trend, not merely relate specific events.


  • Link Flairs to be added to existing posts by clicking "flair" below the title.

  • User Flairs edited at top of sidebar: Surveillance, Biohazards, Environment, Resistance, Inequality, Nuclear, Singularity or Omega (Neo-Luddism).


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u/Erinaceous (Sustainability)

u/RanPrieur (Frugal Philosophy)

u/Drooperdoo (True Skepticism)

u/Dilatory_Tactics (Visions & Theory)

u/The_Ultravixens (Econ & Energy)

u/EntropyAnimals (Collapsarian)


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