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Best cam recomendations

Cheapest: G1W-C(B) ($56 USD)

Best value: Xiaomi Yi Dashcam ($70 USD)

Discreet: A119 ($90 USD)

Versatile: Mobius ($75 USD)

Budget Dual Cam: BlackSys CF-100 ($95 USD)

Discrete Dual Cam: Blackvue DR650GW-2CH ($355 USD)

Night vision: Street Guardian SG9665GC ($209.95 USD)

Taxi/Uber Cam: Transcend DP520 ($195 USD)


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Also please do not post and links, only Youtube, and the content posted must not come from any "compilation" channels (ones dedicated to uploading stolen content with no permission from the owners of the content), please post the original link, not a reupload, unless the original is not available.

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