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Daydream Soundtracks

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Welcome guys! We're a bunch of [day]dreamers who also happen to pair our daydreams with music. Trust me guys, it's essential. You can discuss good pairings, post links, or pictures, or whatever!

Our rules are very simple:

  • Don't post anything unrelated to the topic. Content should be related to music-inspired daydreams, whether it is a discussion of them or sharing your favorite soundtracks.

  • Always describe the song in the title. This is not a place for spamming with your favorite song. We respect your taste but please, proceed to r/listentothis for that. You should add a brief description of what your song is meant to evoke or what scene in the daydreams it is the most suitable for.

  • Don't violate Reddit rules: don't harass others, don't post anything illegal, confidential or spam.

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