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Deciding To Be Better

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/r/DecidingToBeBetter is a subreddit for self-improvement, goodness, and togetherness.

Users are encouraged to post articles, stories, images, and anything else related to self-betterment.

We LOVE self-posts that encourage discussion in the sub, those that ask for help, or those that share your progress in life!

Cross-posting is also encouraged. If you see an article or Reddit thread that you think /r/DecidingToBeBetter members would enjoy, feel free to submit it here.

If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear your voice in a comment or self post.


  1. All posts must be about how to become better.

  2. Be civil and respectful. This is a support site. Be kind to one another.

  3. Follow Reddit site rules and reddiquette.

  4. No advertising, spam, or self-promotion.

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