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The Dark Depths of YouTube

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Welcome to Deep Into YouTube! A place to venture into the depths of YouTube and view some things you never thought you would.

What This Subreddit Is, and What It's Not

  1. No videos uploaded as recently as five months shall be posted. Posts should come from the deep part of YouTube. Posts newer than 5 months will be automatically removed by the modbot.

  2. No viral videos or videos with more than 100,000 views at the time the link is submitted. Videos with more than 100,000 views at the time the link is submitted will be automatically removed by the modbot.

  3. Only direct links to YouTube videos (including links to videos within a playlist) are allowed. Links to channels or playlists are prohibited. Instead, submit a direct video link and then link to the playlist or channel in the comments. Links to sites other than YouTube are prohibited. Links that violate this rule will be automatically removed by the modbot.

  4. No reposts of videos from the top 100 of all time, have been posted here in the past 3 months, or are common reposts. The modbot will attempt to remove any videos that break this rule.

  5. If a video contains violence, explicit language, sexually explicit, or possibly offensive material, add the term 'NSFW' to the title. Failure to do so may result in a ban. Please err on the side of caution.

  6. Videos taken directly from a movie, TV show, commercial, trailer, major production of any kind, or are re-uploads to YouTube from Vines, Vimeo, LiveLeak, NicoNico or other video hosting sites are disallowed. If the clip has been edited and modified in some meaningful way, then it is allowed.

  7. No Mirrors or re-uploads. Any videos that are complete copies of other videos posted to YouTube which violate any of the rules will be removed.

  8. No videos deriding, insulting, or negatively depicting the mentally ill, mentally challenged, or the disabled. Any video violating this rule will be removed and the submitter may be subject to a ban at the moderators' discretion. If you are unsure of a video, please message the mods.

  9. No self-promotion of any kind without prior moderator approval. If you are a content creator or would like to promote another subreddit or a tool for finding deep YouTube videos, you must first message the moderators for approval. Failure to do so will result in a ban.

  10. Respect each other and respect the content creators and their respective communities. Racism, sexism, ageism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, or any other discriminatory comments aimed at the content creators, their respective communities, or fellow redditors may result in a ban on first offense without warning at moderators' discretion. Dissent and disagreement through calm and respectful discourse are welcome, but rude and insulting behavior will not be tolerated.

  11. No brigading of any kind. Do not comment on videos linked from this subreddit unless you are being absolutely respectful. This is a place to observe in awe. Please do not disturb or disrupt the content creators or their respective communities. Violators will be banned.

  12. Self-posts are not allowed. If you wish to share something or give feedback, post it in the Monthly Meta thread stickied at the top instead.

  13. If your post is caught in the Spam Filter, please message the mods. We will get to it much sooner than usual.

  14. If the post violates any of the rules, downvote, report it, and message the moderators with a link to the comments as to why it should be removed.

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  • Please follow reddiquette guidelines when voting.

  • Please do not reply to or PM /u/deepmodbot as they will not be seen by the moderators. Instead, please message the moderators.

  • Please add an Epilepsy Warning link flair if video may cause harm to epileptic individuals.

  • Please add a Volume Warning link flair if the video is very loud, or suddenly becomes loud, to prevent harm to individuals.

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