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Delicious Traps (/r/DeliciousTraps)

A place for all of those gender bending characters we all love.

Rules (Guidelines that you HAVE to follow):

  • No transsexuals (MtF OR FtM) OR Futanari, pretty much nothing with breasts. I know many would consider them traps but there are so many subreddits just for them already we want to keep this one free of them. If you want to see transsexuals go to Tgirls If you want to see Futanari go to Futanari

  • Reverse traps ARE allowed, but tell us if it is.

  • We're not going to be too tough on age, since you can't really tell anime characters ages, but if the character is obviously a very young child please refrain from posting it. We don't want this subreddit shut down for child pornography or anything

Suggestions and FAQs:

  • Imgur is heavily preferred for images or albums, but direct linking to an image from most sites can be just as good.

  • If you know the traps name please provide a name if you can.

  • Anime/drawn traps are heavily preferred and it's recommended you don't post real traps (there are many subreddits for real traps). But if you posted a legitimate real trap (not transsexual) we wouldn't be too mad.

  • Both NSFW and SFW content are allowed. Content can be pornographic, funny, informative, or even just a question. As long as it's about traps then it's allowed.

  • Videos, pictures, comics, and all other media are allowed as long as they follow Reddits submission guidelines.

  • Text based posts (questions, TIL, AMA, announcements, ect.) are allowed as long as they have SOMETHING to do with traps.

  • Furry is allowed.

  • This subreddit is focused around drawn characters, so all styles are welcome. Asian anime, western, or alternative. If it's a trap, we'll take it!

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