Blurring the gender line one trap at a time

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A place for all of those gender bending characters we all love.

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  2. No harassment. Do not needlessly insult or intentionally aggravate another user. If another use is being rude and aggressive please message the moderators.

  3. No linking to harmful sites or sites that contain large amounts of popups and ads. Please use trusted sites.

  4. Futanari are not traps. Content containing only futa belong in /r/futanari. Content must contain at least one trap.

  5. No irrelevant posts/spam. If your post does not contain traps or a subject about traps it is not allowed. This subreddit is for drawn traps, so all questions about real traps or related subjects belong in the appropriate subreddit.

  6. Flair your posts with the appropriate flair.

  7. Reverse traps are allowed, but tag the post with [Reverse Trap] if they're the focus of the content.

  8. In regards to original art, please void posting low quality art. If your artwork does not meet the quality to submit as it's own post please avoid posting it here, if you're unsure whether your art meets quality standards feel free to message the mods.

  9. No content that explicitly states a sexualized characters age as being a minor (below 18 years of age) and no sexualized content featuring characters that are immediately apparent to be young children.

Please read the subreddit wiki before messaging moderators if you're unclear about something. Rules are subject to change or be tweaked as moderators see fit.

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