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Delicious Traps: Blurring the gender line

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Internet Rule 53: It is delicious trap. You must hit it

Welcome to /r/DeliciousTraps, a subreddit for trap hentai, artwork and doujinshi.


  1. No malicious activity - Do not intentionally insult, harass or aggravate others. Malicious or repeated unnecessary use of slurs are also prohibited.

  2. Keep content on topic and in theme - All content should feature or be relevant to traps, crossdressing or feminine boys.

  3. No spam or low quality content - Do not link to sites with malware, excessive popups or paywalls. Do not post content of obvious poor quality. If content is judged of poor quality by moderators it will be removed at their discretion.

  4. Be respectful to the original artist - If possible always provide a source to the content and credit the artist. Do not claim others artwork as your own. Please avoid posting content originally behind a paywall.

  5. Follow all content guidelines - All content must abide by all the subreddit content guidelines.

  6. No hookup posts - Do not ask for locations, social media accounts, personal information or messages in titles or in content.

Violating these rules will be dealt with accordingly. Repeated or severe offenses will result in permanent subreddit bans.

Please read the subreddit wiki before messaging moderators if you're unclear about something. Rules are subject to change or be tweaked as moderators see fit.

If your post does not break any rules and follows all content guidelines yet was removed it may have been caught in the spam filter, please message the moderators and we'll manually approve it.

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