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The best things in life are chubby!

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All things adorable and chubby. Help us grow our collection!

The NSFW tab has been replaced with a 'META' tab. Any self posts concerning this sub should use this.


  • Chubby, fluffy, slightly bulging belly, and fat (to an extent) are all welcome here!

  • Do not attack or shame owners of chubby/fat pets. If you are offended by chubbiness or fat, try /r/aww.

  • No NSFW

  • If an animal is too fat to walk, or appears to be in pain, it doesn't belong here.

We will rely largely on the community to decide what is/isn't appropriate material. If you see something that you feel is inappropriate, downvote it! If the animal is in obvious pain, let us know by reporting it.

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If you want to help your pet lose weight, but are unsure of how to do it, try this site.

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Please, spay or neuter your pets.

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