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Demotivational Posters

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Welcome to r/Demotivational, the part of reddit designed to make you feel hopeless and useless. Enjoy your stay! Or like, don't.

Click here for Submission Guidelines!

  1. Demotivational format only.
    If your submission does not demotivate, it does not belong here.
    Demotivationals whose image is a piece in its own right (by e.g. text, caption, macro or photoshop), will be removed.

  2. Direct links to single image files only.
    No albums/collections. No page links. If you can't link directly to the image file, please rehost using a reliable host (e.g. imgur).

  3. No abusive or bigoted posts.
    Abusive and bigoted posts are grounds for an immediate ban.

  4. No gore or porn. At all.

  5. NSFW posts must be clearly labeled.
    Expect the tag to be used as a general cautionary measure, often accompanied by descriptive flairs.

Please report all rule violations, including submissions of dubious demotivation, so they will be brought to the attention of the moderation team. Don't forget to message the moderators with the reason for your report.

The moderators of r/Demotivational reserve the right to moderate content at their discretion, based on their perception of the suitability of said content for this subreddit.

Have you submitted an original demotivational poster that actually demotivates? Did you remember to use the [OC] tag? Message the mods to receive OC flair.

Click here for tools to help you make your demotivational poster!

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