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The Gif equivalent of "I Spy."

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Did you see a gif that has so much going on that you could watch it a hundred times? And still not understand what exactly just happened? Then this might be the right place to share it (and discuss/analyze it if you are so inclined).

We recommend viewing these gifs when you have a lot of time on your hands because you just might get lost in them.

Note: This subreddit is still in development, don't forget to wear your hardhat to protect your brain in case of falling website parts.


1: Animated .gifs only

Flash animations, videos or websites are not allowed. .gifv links are explictely allowed and even preferred if they are silent.

2: Imgur, gfycat or reddit

All gifs must be hosted on, or selfhosted on reddit, if you want to post a gif hosted on another site, reupload it.

3: Direct links please

The link should be directly to the content being shared (not to the website it is hosted on).

4: Don't Repost

Use Karma Decay to check if you are reposting. Also, search the subreddit for the title of your submission. If you see a repost, don't hesitate to report it. Don't get mad at reposter though (unless they're repeat offenders), there's no shame in accidentally reposting something, it happens to the best of us.

5: No joke titles

It's okay to make your title funny, but this sub is about gifs, not texts. This also means no resubmitting the same gif with a different/better title.

6: Be nice (no trolls or hateful language)

You will be banned for bullying, hateful language, and trolling other users.

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