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> # Rules of /r/Denver > 1. Please ask questions about Denver (moving, visiting, where to get X) in the Q&A sticky thread. The FAQ is also very useful and is regularly updated. Please do not treat r/Denver as your personal Google or Yelp.
> 2. Be welcoming and helpful.
> 3. Don't post personal info or Missing Persons posts.
> 4. Refrain from self-promotion and spam.
> 5. Don't post illegal/dangerous meetups.
> 6. [Buying/Selling/Employment posts will be removed.] ( "Posts about buying and selling items including goods, concerts tickets, services, housing/roommates or any other Craigslist/Classified-type listings belong on /r/denverlist. Job listing/seeking posts belong on /r/denverjobs. Both will be removed from /r/Denver.")
> 7. Denver Events may be posted once only
> 8. Posts should relate to the Denver metro area.
> 9. Duplicate posts will be removed. Don't editorialize news article post titles.

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