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Job postings and design portfolios

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Recruiters, creative directors, and hiring managers- please read this before posting!

Design Jobs is a place for designers and hiring managers to come together. Put your job postings here or post a link to your portfolio.

Self promotion encouraged!

Low quality posts, comments and obnoxiously low budgets and rates will be removed.

"Sending a PM!" and similar comments are considered spam and warrant a ban.

Studios/agencies of 5 or more people are not allowed here.

If you're Hiring: Preface with [Hiring]

  • Put basics in the title. What's the job? Where is it located? etc.
  • Be specific. Include a job description (or a link to one), requirements etc. in the top text
  • Pay in currency, not in equity or barter.

If you want to be hired: Preface with [For Hire]

  • Put basics in the title. What do you do? Where can you do it? etc.
  • Be specific. Include a portfolio or resume (or a link to one) in the top text
  • Do not use personal stories as a leverage to get hired
  • Do not include any EEOC protected statuses
  • Indicate how you would like interested parties to follow up. Pm? Email? Phone?

No Spec Work. No Free Design. No Contests.

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