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Raison d'être

The goal: to improve writing and maintain the highest standard of critique excellence anywhere on Reddit.

Oftentimes, readers are not willing to give feedback to the fullest, for fear of hurting the author's feelings. That's not the case here. We believe this hurts the writer more than honesty, as they are missing out on an opportunity to improve their writing — even if that honesty comes in the form of direct criticism.

We deconstruct writing to construct better writers. ☠

Getting Started

Please read the rules below, and take a look at the FAQ and New User thread.

Assuring Quality & Rules

▼ Rules & Guidelines ▼

  • This sub is dedicated to the blunt assessment of writing. Do not submit a story if you react poorly to potentially harsh feedback. Angry responses, trolling, flaming, vitriol etc. are not allowed.
  • Before submitting work, you must provide at least one ‘high effort’ critique of a story that has (in total) the same word count as the piece you are submitting. Failure to do so will result in the application of a red leech tag. Leeches who do not critique burn at dawn (24 hours to critique) NOTE: Critiques can be banked ahead of time, but expire after 3 months.
  • The title of posts must begin with the word count in square brackets, just like this: [Word count] Insert title here. Non-conforming posts will be removed.
  • When critiquing, do not engage in personal attacks or leave criticism without merit. Please read our guidelines for critiquing on Google docs, and leave the doc readable for other members.
  • You must wait at least two days between submissions. For best results, we suggest limiting your word count to ~2500. Do not post already published work.
  • While not a rule, we prefer Google docs over any other submission type. Privacy Alert: Google will automatically attach your G+ account to your submissions. If you value your personal privacy, we suggest using a throwaway email.

▼ What is the red leech mark? ▼

  • A leech is someone who takes without giving. The community would fall apart if everyone just dumped their writing and left. Most users here ignore leeches entirely.
  • A leech post will appear faded with CSS enabled. The button on the sidebar [HIDE LEECH] does exactly that.
  • If users are concerned about not critiquing a leech, we recommend they only critique submissions over 5 hours old. It is also recommended to focus critiques on posts no older than ~3 days (often abandoned/rewritten).
  • Once marked, you have 24 hours to meet the 1:1 ratio. If you submit a 1000 word story, critique a 1000 word story. (Or two 500 word stories.) After 24 hours, the post is removed and you will be unable to resubmit for 2 days.
  • Effort goes further than experience here. "I'm new!" isn't an excuse.
  • Line edits are very welcome in Google docs, but aren't considered a large portion of critiquing. Critiques that copy-paste large sections of writing just to make trivial edits will be regarded as low quality.

Submission & Critique Tutorial

Special Threads & Resources

Educational Glossary | Why Critique First? :--:|:--: "Special Threads" | Writing Resources & Tutorials Official Feedback Survey | Hall of Fame

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