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Dimensional Jumping Read-Only Archive

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This is the read-only archive of the Dimensional Jumping subreddit.

This is being maintained to ensure that the many valuable contributions our subscribers have made over the past couple of years remain available. All historical material is publicly viewable, however you will not be able to post or comment on this subreddit.

A new introduction will be added soon which will cover the history of the subreddit and its underlying concept, the thinking behind archiving the subreddit at this point - and details of its upcoming replacement project.

Many thanks to everyone who has gotten involved with this subreddit during its lifetime, even if it was just with their eyeballs!

The original sidebar text follows below.

Welcome to Dimensional Jumping (982)


This is a place to share your personal experiences of the shifting nature of reality, through the deliberate application of techniques to bring about "jumps" in our personal worlds - in effect, switching to a more desirable universe.

Header No. 982 - Please note that a shift in your experience does not require a change in the header number, which should be treated as an emblem of change and a symbol of potential rather than an ID.
The hex colour for 982 is: #0003d6.

● Please browse the content in the links below before asking any questions.


The essence of Dimensional Jumping is the leveraging of perspective-structuring metaphors and the techniques derived from them:

Techniques - The original technique that began the subreddit is described in this introduction and is an easy way to get started. Alternative approaches which allow more control are also listed.

Active Metaphors - Try out the Hall of Records and Infinite Grid metaphors which illustrate why there is no "other you" involved in a jump. You are radically changing your experience, not swapping physical bodies. For a different perspective on subjective experience overall see The Imagination Room.

Demo Exercises - There are two easy exercises that you can do to prove to yourself whether there is anything to this: The Owls Of Eternity™ patterning exercise and the Two Glasses Exercise.


Please follow these guidelines to help make this a worthwhile project:

1 - Do not submit anything fictional. This subreddit is for the sharing of genuine anecdotes and techniques. There are other subreddits available for honing your story-making skills.

2 - Commenters should therefore assume the truth of OP's account. Failure to do this will result in deletion of your comment. It is for moderators to enforce Rule 1, not commenters.

3 - Links to possibly useful material should include discussion as to its relevance, and a personal review if possible.

4 - Posts about spontaneous unusual events are likely better directed to Glitch (events which make you question reality) or Mandela Effect (memories out of sync with the world).

5 - No spamming or you'll be banned from the subreddit.

6 - Do not downvote posters simply because they misunderstand something or have an idea you disagree with. If it contributes to the discussion and is in the spirit of the subreddit, it's all good.

7 - Be as friendly as possible. :-)

8 - Obey the rules.


There is currently no active IRC channel or other external group officially associated with the subreddit.


There is no established theory of "jumping" or its mechanism, although there are numerous ways of viewing its nature.

It is for readers to decide for themselves through personal investigation and introspection whether jumping is appropriate for them or not.

An open mind combined with healthy caution is the correct mindset for all approaches targeted at the subjective experience.

Never believe something without personal evidence; never dismiss something without personal evidence.

What is the number?

Part of the original mythology is: maybe you can keep track of changes in your reality by referring to an anchor number or "Universe ID" for your dimension...

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