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Dinosaurs: They Rock!

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There are only three rules for this subreddit, please follow them.

  1. No links to anything for sale. You're welcome to share a photo of something on an image host, and include a link in the comments, but there may be no submitted links to anything for sale (ie etsy, Kickstarter, Amazon).

  2. Tag your post.

    More on tagging below.

  3. Please do follow Reddiquette! This includes not insulting others. This is a welcoming place and a place of scientific discovery, not of name calling or attacking anyone.

Please don't downvote well written comments just because you don't agree with the opinion. This is a place for discussion!

That being said, come on in and share in the wonderful world of Dinosaurs and Paleontology!

What's new in the field of Paleontology? What are we learning about them now? Dinosaur art, finds, and speculation: it all goes here.

Please TAG When Submitting:
There are several tags:

  • Special tag for anything Jurassic Park related: [JP] Please tag anything to do with Jurassic Park World or other Jurassic Park movies with this tag.

  • [Find] - for exciting new finds in the field of paleontology. Please DO start a discussion in the comments about what the find means.

  • [Article] - For articles relating to dinosaurs, fossils, general paleontology.
  • [Discussion] - For when you find or want to start a discussion.
  • [Text] - If you just feel like sharing something, a story perhaps, then the [Text] tag is here for you!
  • [Question] - When you have a question to ask /r/Dinosaurs.
  • [Dino Art] - Artists renditions of dinosaurs, be it a painting, drawing, sculpture, belong with a [Dino Art] tag. If you are the artist, please feel free to let us know with a snazzy [OC] tag as well! It stands for Original Content, and it's great of you to share!
  • [Fossil Pic] - Pictures of fossils go here. Also valid: [Fossil Pics] for when there's more than one.
  • [Video] - Videos go here, as long as they are dinosaur related of course!
  • [Fluff] - anything that does not fall into the previous categories; a funny dinosaur sign in a restaurant, you shaking the hand of a deinonychus sculpture, your favourite dino figurine; they're all welcome, but please differentiate them from the other kinds of posts.
  • [News] For any news you find to share.

...And I will add others as the community sees fit. ~~Cheers~~Raaaawrrrr!

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