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It's good to play together.

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Submit Some Dirty Gaming

Welcome to the subreddit where eroticism and gaming mix.

The following image hosts are allowed:

  • Gfycat (gif/video up to 15sec & 300mb)

  • imgur (quality varies by account type)

  • webmup (URL MUST end w/ "vid.webm")

  • Direct tumblr links (not links to tumblr pages)

  • images hosted at: OR

(20MB images & 100MB gifs)

Rules ಠ_ಠ

  • Must Be Gaming Related. This should be obvious but all posts here must have some naughty/sexy gaming relation of some sort.

  • Cosplay is OK. While the focus of this subreddit isn't cosplay, as long as it is at least borderline NSFW, feel free to submit it.

  • Rule 34 Video Game Characters Allowed. This place is accepting to all NSFW gaming posts.

  • Legal Pictures and Videos. Obviously.

  • No Spam. It will be deleted promptly and possibly lead to a ban.

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Reasons to Message a Moderator

  1. Illegal Content - A message to a moderator is now required when reporting a post. Just include the title and reason and it will be handled as soon as possible. All reports without a message will be ignored.

  2. Problems with the Subreddit - If you have a particular issue with the way the subreddit is run or errors with the css stylesheet, drop a line to a mod.

  3. Site Suggestions - If you have any suggestions for /r/DirtyGaming, they will be welcomed and considered. This can cover anything.

  4. Spam Box Trouble - The spam filter can occasionally eat good things. If it mistakenly took yours then let a mod know so they can handle it.

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