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> ## Frequently-Asked Questions >Please read our Disneyland FAQ before posting any non-discussion questions.

> -Recent Topics-

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>Easter Sunday

> SoCal Discounted Tickets- ID Check?

>Beauty and the Beast Events

>Summer of Heroes- Guardians of the Galaxy Opening May 27

>AT-AT Construction

> Star Wars Land Opening in 2019

> ## Schedule

> Disneyland Resort Schedule

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>Disneyland Unofficial Fun Days

>Day | Theme | ---|---| Mon. | Rumor Round Up - Disneyland news and whisperings. | Tue. | Shower Thoughts - Gripes, what would you change, thoughts about the parks. | Wed. | Either Or? - Space or Splash? Churro or Dole Whip? | Thu. | Throwback Thursday - Vintage Disney, Disneyland memories. | Fri. | Story Time - Have a great story about a cast member? Remember a funny event with your family? Share it here! | Sat. | Cast Member Compliments - Tell us about Suzy from the Subs or Mike from Blue Bayou! | Sun. | Tip Time! - Help the Mods redo the new FAQ! |

> ##Rules

>1. Before posting a question, read the FAQ and use the search bar.

>2. Follow reddiquette.

>3. Bullying or Harassment of any kind will result in a ban. "Trolling" falls under this category and is not permitted. This includes new accounts created solely for complaining.

>4. Keep it clean and try to maintain a family environment.

>5. No Reposts. One post per discussion topic.

>6. Posts should follow reddit's rules on self-promotion and should refrain from being "blogspam." If you are attempting to post, you must have history in the subreddit or else it is subjected for removal. You will be banned on your second violation.

>7. Posts should directly relate to the Disneyland Resort, located in Anaheim, CA.

>8. As per Rule #4, NSFW content is not permitted, so "NSFW" on this subreddit is used as a shorthand for "Not Safe for Magic." Any post which can "ruin the magic" (such as any behind-the-scenes pictures or videos) should be marked "NSFW" as a courtesy gesture to users who may not want to have the magic spoiled for them.

>9. Posts about rule breaking at the parks are frowned upon. This includes asking Cast Members and others for help getting into the parks or trying to get access/reservations to Club 33. This sort of behavior will be considered harassment and can result in a ban, as per Rule #3. (/r/Disneyland CMs, please message the moderators if you feel you are being harassed.)

>10. If you are going to submit an IAMA, please message the mods first.

>We respect our users, and wish to provide a positive environment. If you do not agree with our philosophies, and only wish to promote unhappiness in the happiest place on Earth, please show yourself out.

>Posts violating the rules will be removed! If you believe your post has been caught in the spam filter, please wait 24 hours before messaging the moderators.

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