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NL West Standings

|W|L|%|GB|L10 :-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-:|:-: |104|58|.642|-|8-2 |93|69|.574|11|6-4 |87|75|.537|17|5-5 |71|91|.438|33|3-7 |64|98|.395|40|5-5

Updated 11/9 at 2:00 PM PST

2017 Batting Leaders

Stat|Player|Total -|-|- H|Seager, C|159 XBH|Bellinger, C|69 HR|Bellinger, C|39 RBI|Bellinger, C|97 BB|Forsythe, L|69 SB|Taylor, C|17 AVG|Turner, J|.322 OBP|Turner, J|.415 SLG|Bellinger, C|.581 OPS|Turner, J|.945

2017 Pitching Leaders

Stat|Player|Total -|-|- W|Kershaw, C|18 SV|Jansen, K|41 HLD|Baez, P|23 IP|Kershaw, C|175.0 SO|Kershaw, C|202 AVG|Kershaw, C|.212 WHIP|Kershaw, C|.95 ERA|Kershaw, C|2.31

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