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Doing The Most

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A place for pictures, gifs, videos, and tales of people going above and beyond what is necessary in a given situation. Whether it be people being "extra" or too much, being high maintenance, or going way too far to impress others...they're just doing the most.


  1. Don't be rude: Sure you can make fun of the person in the post, that's the purpose of the sub. However, you may not be a bully to other users. No hatespeech, bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc...

  2. This is not a "fail" sub: Nor is it a general meme sub, or a "people being idiots" sub. The content on this sub should feature people being "extra", "doing the most", being over the top, or being too much.

  3. No reposts: This is a new sub, so please take the time to check if your post has already been submitted. If you don't feel like combing through everything, Karma Decay is a great resource.

  4. No identifying information: Screenshots are allowed but must not reveal names or identifying information.

  5. NSFW must be tagged as such: Self explanatory.

  6. No spam: Don't do it, you will get banned.

  7. Tales are allowed, but try to stick to links: Obviously you can't always catch something on camera, so written tales are allowed. Just don't make it up and get yourself posted to r/thatHappened.

Please be sure to report anything that breaks the rules!

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