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Dragon's Dogma

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Kick the Ox, newly Arisen!

For PC Players

Some Helpful links for getting your Console pawn hired (look for topics called "OPSC" and "Rent and Be Rented", respectively:
PSN GameFAQs and 360 GameFAQs

Also, for Console Ur-Dragon Hunters, here are links to look for the most recent Ur-Dragon health tracking topics over on GameFAQs:
PSN and 360

New Discord Invitation

Trade System

Want some items you just can't seem to find? Looking to trade away an un-needed item for something else?

Here's how:

Include [TRADE] in the title and mention whether you are looking/offering/giving away an item of your choice.

Then, elaborate on details, such as what you want, what you are offering, what you are willing to trade, what you will accept, etc., in the description.


>[TRADE] Looking for Silk Lingerie, I'm a PC/Xbox/PS3 player.

>I'm looking for Silk Lingerie. I have a Drake's Tear. I'm open to negotiate.


  • It's fine to disagree, everyone has an opinion. Don't make the mistake of equating dissent with moral degeneracy or mental deficiency.

  • Don't be a Dick. Think about it, who wants to rent the pawn of a known Dick? Having your pawn rented is one of the reasons you might be here, yes?

  • All submissions should be related to Dragon's Dogma, or Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, which includes all console and PC versions. Check if your question has been answered in the Dragon's Dogma Wiki before posting. Off-topic posts will be removed; spam and/or offensive off-topic posts will get the username banned from the sub.

  • Standard rules of reddit apply.

  • Name-calling will get the perpetrator's username banned from the sub. The same goes for bringing drama or vendettas here that originated on some other board. See above, Don't Be a Dick.

  • Bots will be Banhammered with extreme prejudice.

Spoiler Tags

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It goes a little something like this


Other than "I want to!" there is no reason to deliberately manipulate attribute stats while leveling in this game. For those who chose to do so anyway, here's an excellent stat planner, which works for all Console versions and the newer PC release.

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