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Fine Draconian Arts

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About This Sub

For all your dragon fucking needs.


Note: links tend to get stuck in spam filter, so use imgur instead.

  • Every non-meta post needs to contain at least one dragon. The title of the subreddit isn't to be taken too literally.
  • This is a NSFW sub, and although the norm of posts will probably be porn, SFW posts are also allowed. (Whatever that may be.)
  • Please give an indication of gender when posting. The flair system is useful for doing so.
  • Be excellent to each other! (If you imply that you are here just to bother people because you don’t like their sexual preferences, you will be banned, possibly without any warning.)

  • Single dragons are also allowed!

  • Charizard is flying, fire breathing lizard, and as so counts as dragon.

The Draconian Network

/r/dragonsfuckingdragons - You are here.

/r/dragonsfuckingcars - The original.

/r/koboldsfuckingkobolds - Little servants.

/r/dragonpenis - Dead sub. Added for archive.

/r/imaginarydragons - No, not the band.

/r/dragons - Less lewd dragons.

/r/scalieporn - For more scale related needs.

/r/dragonbutts - Dragon ass blast.

Dragons in elsewhere


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How to Drain your Dragon 2

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