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/r/drama is a shitshow of austistics thinking anything not right leaning is postable "drama" where users jerk each other off and ping the people in the linked threads in the attempts to get a rise out of them which somehow validates their opinions

Drama: any incident, scene, gaffe, rumor, opinion, or disagreement that is blown entirely out of proportion.

Do your part to keep our community healthy by blowing everything out of proportion and making literally everything as dramatic as possible.

r/Drama caters to drama in all forms such as: Real life, videos, photos, gossip, rumors, news sites, Reddit, and Beyond^TM. There isn't a drama we won't touch, and we want it all.

What we want

  • Arguments.

  • Gossip.

  • Scandals.

  • Witch-hunts.

  • Lolcows.

  • Assholes.

  • Trainwrecks.

  • Meltdowns.

  • Dramatic news articles.

  • Dramatic rumours (with context).

  • Dramatic everything from anywhere.

Come chat with us!

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A couple things to remember:


  • You are encouraged to post drama you are involved in.

  • Site-wide guidelines are strictly enforced in this community.

  • Drama occurring in /r/Drama is to be posted to SRD

  • Comments and submissions that do not violate site-wide guidelines are allowed, and left to the community to self-moderate via voting.

  • No Dox.

  • This is a mod playground.

  • Participation implies enthusiastic consent to being mod abused by unstable alcoholic bullies.

  • If your post is not super boring, and does not break Reddit's Magical Rules, it will not be removed.

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