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Dreadfort: Don't hate the flayer, hate the game.

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This is a meeting place for all bannermen and allies of House Bolton. Disloyalty will not be tolerated.

  1. No Season 7 or TWOW spoilers in the titles, or your post will be deleted.

  2. Disloyalty to either Lord Roose or Lord Ramsay will see you flayed and banned.

  3. Stay in character as the loyal bannerman that you are (except for in specially marked threads)

  4. Get your flair! You may name yourself after one of Ramsay's pets, either Reek, or one of the girls (his hunting hounds). If you want a unique flair...earn it, don't ask for it.

  5. Pictures of gore (flayed bodies, hands, etc.) will be deleted.

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