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Drunk or a Kid?

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This subreddit is for stories of the greatest stupidity. Inspired by How I Met Your Mother, this subreddit was created for the purpose of hearing amusing stories and having other try to guess if you were drunk or a kid.


  1. Try to shorten your story so that it will fit in the headline. I am not, however, going to create any rules that state that you can't go more in-depth in your post. If you have a great story that fits what this subreddit is all about, share it, that's what we're all here for in the first place.

  2. In after your post, make a comment saying "Kid" and another saying "Drunk." Users can vote on which they think is the correct answer. This way the comments section isn't filled with the same two words over and over again and we can hear some more funny stories.

  3. Please include the correct answer in your post. Hide your answers using the following syntax: [Answer](#spoiler). It will show up like this: Answer. It's a good idea to put your answer in a sentence so it's not immediately obvious by its length. For example, "kid" is a lot more obvious than "I was a kid when this happened"

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