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A reddit all about dual sport motorcycles

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A place for news, talk, and advice relating to dual sporting.

No self-promotion such as shameless seeking attention on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media.

No Memes.

No For-Sale Posts.

If you are looking to sell or buy head over to: /r/motoswap

If you are looking for riding buddies post your location before your bike in your flair.

Ex: [Vancouver Island - 2000 DR Z400S]

User-Editable Map for finding buddies


Buying Used

Dualsport Maps

Favourite dualsport poll & results

/r/motorcycles The big one.

/r/DirtBikes When a plate is just too heavy!

/r/MotoCamping Motorcycle-camping!

/r/Motorrad German bikes.

/r/supermoto The dark side.

/r/ATV 4 wheels of fury.

Bike specific subs:













Local Forums

Idaho Dirt Riders

Oregon Dirt Riders

Georgia Dual Sporting, USA

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