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GIFS Dubbed Over Incorrectly

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  • Gifs are people too.

  • For too long gifs have been oppressed and held back! Limited to the whims and fancies of the screenplay writers, forced to repeat the same dialog over and over. Well I say enough is enough!

  • Gifs shouldn't be restricted to what they were originally meant to say, they should be free to roam wild and say whatever they want.

Format and Rules

  • Anything goes, as long as the dialogue is altered

  • Do not harass users about using Gfycat (We are aware of its existence, some people choose not to use it)

  • Non OC links must be identified in the title (wear it with shame)

  • Direct links only.

  • No Dicks (If you're a dick, GTFO)



  • Participation is encouraged even if you don't know how to make gifs.

  • You can request gif creation at /r/makemeagif.

  • To learn how to make gifs, visit /r/HighQualityGifs and check out the tutorials on the sidebar

  • If you've made 10 or more original submissions, you may request a flair of your choice.

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Posts may be removed at the discretion of the mods if the format is not adhered to, if the submission is inappropriate or if an unapproved host is used.

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