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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

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Welcome to /r/DuelLinks

|This is a subreddit page dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.|
|:--- |For general discussions about the TCG/OCG version of the game, please visit /r/yugioh.| |To comment a spoiler use: [spoiler](#s "introduce text here")|


Rule 1: Be Respectful with others.

  • Rule 1-A: Follow the Reddiquette
  • Please be polite and don't harass other users. "Disagreeing with someone isn't a reason to be rude"
  • Abusive trolling and Toxic Behaviour is never allowed.

  • Rule 1-B: Explicit content.

  • Moderators will remove explicit content and links where it could be found
  • Please tag all submissions that may be NSFW with the NSFW tag

  • Rule 1-C: Witch Hunting.

  • Witch Hunting is when one user targets an attack at another user for reasons that are not necessarily tangible in order to expose and/or humiliate them.

  • Rule 1-D: Asking the Mod Team to ban users.
    It is only allowed if said user continuously breaks the rules, this must only be done through mod mail. Any post asking for the banning of the user is not allowed and will be removed.

  • Rule 1-E: Mini Modding.

  • Misinformed comments about /r/DuelLinks have led some to believe various things are banned on this subreddit when they actually aren't, which has caused drama
  • Accordingly, the mods will remove most posts about subreddit rules or moderation. Contact us through the mod mail for concerns instead.

  • Abuse of this rule may end in a permanent ban.

Rule 2: Must relate to Duel Links.

  • Rule 2-A: r/DuelLinks is a subreddit for the mobile game.
  • Please use /r/Yugioh to discuss the TCG and other Yu-Gi-Oh related topics that arent related to the mobile game.

  • Rule 2-B: Reaction Memes.

  • Reaction Memes unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will be removed.
  • The image itself must be related to Duel Links and should not need the title for context.
  • Scenes/Reactions taken directly from the anime (screen captures) without edits are not allowed.
  • Unedited Reaction Memes unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links will be removed.

  • Rule 2-C: No Politics.

  • In posts, memes, or in the comments, just don't, they're not allowed in the subreddit page.

Rule 3: No hacking/cheating

  • Rule 3-A: Discussions on Cheating.
  • No encouraging, asking, explaining how to, or admitting to use hacks, cheats or otherwise exploiting the game.
  • Any form of post or comment regarding in game cheating will be removed.

  • Rule 3-B: Follow and respect Konami Terms of Service.

  • Distribution of the modified app is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Any Violation to the Konami Terms of Service in this subreddit may result in a ban.

Rule 4: Use Megathreads

  • Rule 4-A: Basic Questions.
  • Keep basic and beginner help questions in the Weekly Megathread.
  • Basic Questions are questions that hope for an objective and/or single answers that don't promote discussion.

  • Rule 4-B: Glitches/Bugs.

  • Questions if ____ is glitched or why something isn't working will also be removed, use Megathreads for these typeS of questions.
  • If it is indeed a bug, you may want to contact Konami through the inquiry form located at the subreddit sidebar.

  • Rule 4-C: Asking someone to build you a deck.

  • Posting a list of your cards (Normal, Rare, Super and Ultra rare cards) and asking people to build you a deck will be removed.

  • Rule 4-D: Card Rulings.

  • Questions on card rulings and/or card effects outside the Weekly Megathread will also be removed.

  • Rule 4-E: In-Game Events.

  • If there is an event Megathread, make your questions there, questions regarding the event outside the designated megathread will be removed.

  • Rule 4-F: Complaints, Rage and Salt posts.

  • Please use the Complaints, Rage and Salt Megathread instead making a post about it, (unless you include "actual solutions" to said problem). For this reason any complaints, rage and salt posts outside the designated megathread will be removed.

Rule 5: No Low Effort Content

  • Rule 5-A: Duel Rewards, Pulls and Drops.
  • Screenshots such as pulls and drops are not allowed since they don't encourage any kind of discussion.
  • Pulls/Drops posts can only be posted in the Weekly Megathread and/or designated Event Megathread.

  • Rule 5-B: Reposts/Spam.

  • Link submissions will be removed if they are:
  • A) Identical/very similar to other posts already that are already submitted.
  • B) Deleted or reposted multiple times in quick succession.
  • Text submissions will be removed if they are deleted or reposted multiple times in quick succession.

  • Rule 5-C: Gameplay Screenshots.

  • Like in pulls/drops, they dont tend to promote discussion and so they are not allowed.
  • Examples include screenshots of standard duelists lined up on a peculiar form.
  • Exceptions to this rules are screenshots of new notifications, decks and duel screenshots .

  • Rule 5-D: Card/Character Submissions.

  • “What if this Card/Character were in Duel Links?” submissions will be removed unless they include a substantial reasoning about why they should be in the game.

  • Rule 5-E: Deck Submissions.

  • King of Games Decklists (KoG Decks) must always have an extensive write-up about the deck that is to be included with the proof and decklist. Failure to post a write-up with the deck will have the post removed.

  • Deck Help posts must contain a small write-up on what exactly you need help with. You can't however ask for people to make you a deck by posting cards you own, these posts will be removed as deck-building posts should be posted in the Megathread.

  • Videos of Decklists must also contain a short write-up and decklist in the comments below.

  • Rule 5-F: Text Posts with no text.

  • Submissions consisting on the title alone, with no elaboration will be removed.

  • Rule 5-G: Photos of just Text.

  • Link submissions of just text will also be removed.

Rule 6: No Account Selling

  • No buying, selling, or trading accounts. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.

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