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Feedspot's Top 4 Dyslexia Blogs in the World

A community for Dyslexic spectrum redditors looking to help one another, or discuss issues related to the learning disability.


~What is Dyslexia?~

~Do I have Dyslexia?~

~What Assistive Technology Do I Need and What Is Assistive Technology?~

~The Dyslexic Nerd Minicourse~

Standardized Testing and Students with Disabilities

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  • Be Respectful / No Abusive Behavior

    >Don't be disrespectful to others. >This includes: > >- Unwanted spelling and grammar corrections in comments >- Posts which are considered offensive to people with disabilities including learning difficulties >- No inappropriate content

  • Back Up Your Claims

    >Any substantial claims must be backed up the peer reviewed research. These journals don't count as peer reviewed.

  • No Unauthorised Commercial Content

    >This includes any paid-for or ad-supported apps, services or products for which the user is commercially benefiting. The mod team may allow you to post if you mod-mail us.

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    >While surveys are allowed (assuming it doesn't break the rule above), please keep this to once every 30 days. Any reposts within that period will be removed.

  • >If a user breaking the law, and/or excessively harassing; please, report this to law enforcement. The moderators are only able to ban these users. If you, or someone you know is being victimized; please, visit the link.

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