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Note to Users: I was planning to shut the sub down since /r/electronic_cigarette moderation became more active and this sub has pretty much died out. I turned off the auto-mod and set it to private, but since I was still receiving PM's from people looking for access to archived information I re-activated the sub as a resource. Keep in mind I will not be checking it, and no auto-mod is running so for a intents and purposes the sub is shut down, feel free to use the information here though!


  • Don't be a dick
  • No Memes
  • Use the daily stickied thread to ask your vaping related questions (exceptions to this are questions that the average vaper wouldn't be able to answer)
  • Use the weekly pictures thread to post pictures of your vape gear! (link can be found in the sticky)
  • No selling/buying/trading gear, use /r/ecigclassifieds
  • No self-promotion, this includes giveaways, there's a sub for that already.
  • Repeat rule breakers will be banned
  • Rules will be modified at the request of users, this is a sub for you and will hopefully change to meet the wants and needs of the community.

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