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Electronic Dance Music

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/r/edm Weekly Top 15 (Updated Every Tuesday)

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Beatport Top 100

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EDM Party Playlist | 800+ songs |

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Festival | Date | Location ---|----|---- Snowbombing Canada | 4/6-4/10 | Sun Peaks, BC Euphoria Festival | 4/6-4/9 | Austin, TX Phoenix Lights | 4/8-4/9 | Phoenix, AZ Coachella | 4/14-4/23 | Indio, CA Shaky Beats Festival | 5/5-5/7 | Atlanta, GA Festivals| March | Europe Festivals| March | South America Festivals| March | United Kingdom ---

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Submission Rules

  • Flair Your Posts, No More Brackets!!!

  • Use the search bar before you post, It glows!

  • When posting a song, please post official links when available! Also please post all links to song in comments if available (Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube)

  • No posting links to illegal downloads/leaks.

  • Songs must be out in ALL countries to be posted. Please no region locked videos/early releases.

  • Use the "NEW" flair for songs under 30 days old

  • When posting "THROWBACKS", please post the year the song was released in the title. A song must be a year old to be a reposted as a throwback, or it will be subject to removal. NO THROWBACKS ON FRIDAYS.

  • Non-music post titles should include as much context as possible.

  • Please contribute to this sub. Users who just post multiple songs but don't interact besides that - their songs will start being removed. This sub is for EDM music and discussion, not mass dumping 5 tracks up and reaping the karma.

  • Please read the reddiquette for all other reddit related guidelines.


  • Submissions of your own music or looking for feedback is not allowed. Check out r/edmproduction , r/djs , r/thisisourmusic, and read their rules first!

  • There will be NO advertising asking for assistance in winning contests.

  • NO personal websites or videos/channels. NO referral or affiliate links.

If you like a song, UPVOTE IT!!! We want songs to be noticed, and how else are they going to get to the top? UPVOTE, UPVOTE, UPVOTE



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