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Exercise Out Of Depression

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Welcome to Exercise Out Of Depression.

EOOD Is currently being re-vamped. If you have any suggestions on what would make this sub even better, please don't hesitate to let the mod team know! Thank you :)


This is a subreddit for those who suffer from any mental health problems, promoting the importance of fitness for your physical and psychological well being.

Here you will find a few things:

  • A friendly and supportive environment

  • Exercise tips and advice

  • Somewhere to discuss fitness & mental health

  • A place to discuss opinions, share articles and learn

Here you can discuss your fitness journey, progress, struggles and successes. This is a safe place where you can discuss your mental health without judgment & receive exercise advice sensitive to any struggles you may have. We understand how you feel.

/r/EOOD is not a replacement for your Doctor!

Please note, we would like to encourage posts to be related to fitness in order for this sub to remain true to it's name. Whether you include details of your mental health in your post is up to you. Please respect people and what they write.

Anything intended to cause others to feel unhappy or uncomfortable will not be tolerated. We are here to support other people. If you feel that anyone is breaking any of these rules then please use the report button or message a moderator.

EOOD is not a suitable place to promote your business, youtube channel or other commercial activity. No matter how relevant your business is to this sub please don't promote it here.

If you need extra support regarding your health, please talk to a professional

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