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Evolution Experiment

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Welcome to EVEX!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EVEX?
    EVEX began as an Evolution Experiment in user content. The idea is that any content is allowed, and then weekly votes by the community decide what topics or content is no longer allowed. More info about EVEX

  • How are rules added?
    EVEX follows a weekly schedule for suggesting and voting upon rules. The rule suggestion thread runs from Wednesdays to Fridays, and the vote takes place throughout the weekend. More info about rule procedures

  • Where did all the rules go?
    EVEX underwent a reset referendum on 21 November 2016. Everything was wiped.

  • What must I know to post?
    The minimum that you need to know is listed further in the sidebar.

  • What if I (accidentally) break a rule?
    Don't worry! It's understandable that some rules will be broken just because it's hard to keep track of all of them. Rule-breaking content is likely to be removed, but you won't be banned unless you intentionally and maliciously break rules.

EVEX's Discord chat

The EVEX Discord chat is open for all to join and talk about anything.

No download or registration is required.

This link allows convenient access from a browser. More info about the chat


Rules · Rule history · Constitution

Active rules are sorted in expandable lists below.

Reddit Content Policy

  • • This takes precedence over everything.
  • • It applies to all of Reddit, so it isn't something you would naturally break.
  • • You can read the policy here.

Evex Constitution

  • • This takes precedence over all rules, but not the Reddit Content Policy.
  • • You can read the constitution here.
  • • §1 defines your rights as a user.
  • • §2 defines moderation policies.
  • • §3 defines the rule voting procedure.
  • • §4 defines restrictions for rule suggestions.
  • • §5 defines the way to amend the constitution.
  • • §6 defines restrictions for amendments.


  • 2) Misleading or malicious content is banned
  • 3) Rule suggestions that restrict content depending on the day are banned
  • 4) Users get little fancy hat flairs
  • 10) Attempts to shut down the subreddit are banned
  • 15) Emojis are banned
  • 16) Automoderator bot whose only function is to shitpost
  • 21) Enforce flairs on all links and text posts
  • 22) Once a month a user picked at random gets to post a sticky for the entire month
  • 27) Repealing rule 13 is banned

The Library of EVEX

The Library is intended to keep records on the history and evolution of EVEX.

Visit The Library of EVEX

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The moderation log is publicly available here.

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