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Emma Watson

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For fans of Emma Watson!

r > #### Rules: #### > > 1. First and foremost, submissions must be about Emma! > > 2. No meme posts / image macros. > > 3. Posting leaks will get you banned. No fake pictures or inaccurate / false titles.

  1. If you're just submitting a picture, please host it on Imgur. This cuts down on blogspam, as well as broken links from small webservers that can't handle the traffic. News articles about Emma are still okay to submit. > > 5. Please avoid creepy titles. Examples of bad titles: "Dat ass", "What a sexy body", "O Face". Examples of good titles: "At The [Awards Show]", "On the set of [Movie Title]", "Emma as [Character Name] from [Movie Name]". > > 6. If you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself. > > 7. Blatant reposts (of images that are still on the front page, or top 100, for example) will be removed without warning.

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