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Matching beauty of others

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r/EqualAttraction is a place for Redditors to post photographs themselves and have the community offer their opinion of an equally attractive member of the opposite sex (or the same sex if the submitter is not straight) through a photo reply. Additionally, couples can post for feedback.

Please read the subreddit rules before posting or commenting.

  • Additional Rules ▼
  • Please refrain from resposting. If you want to get newer matches after an old or unsuccessful post, you are allowed to respost it if it’s been a while since you first posted it. When reposting, it is recommended to include newer photos.
  • Only host your images on Imgur or Reddit’s built-in image hosting service. Images not hosted on either are automatically removed.
  • When submitting a single image, you must use a direct link (the URL has to end with .jpg, .jpeg, or .png).

  • How To Match ▼
  • This subreddit’s pictures: You have an endless supply of pictures on here from people of all levels of attractiveness. Then you can hit two birds with one stone, as you have now answered two people’s match queries. Remember that you can filter posts by flairs when searching (example).
  • Yourself. You are allowed to comment matches of yourself, but please do not do so excessively, and please only comment pictures of yourself if you do actually match with the submitters.
  • Your friend. You are allowed to use pictures of someone you know, provided you’ve got permission.
  • Google: Type in a couple of distinguishing features; you may have to scroll a bit, though.
  • Facebook: You already have an idea of your friend’s attractiveness levels, so go ahead use that database.

  • Guidelines ▼
  • Remember: attractiveness is subjective.
  • You must match people with others of the opposite sex, unless the submitter specifies that he or she is gay, bisexual, etc. in the title or flair.
  • Comparing the OP to another person of the same sex (or the opposite sex, if the OP is gay, bisexual, etc.) is allowed, as long as you state that you are not matching the OP with this person in your comment. This subreddit is about finding someone who are equally as attractive as somebody else, but comparing someone to another is allowed, as long as you don’t do so too often.
  • While posts like this will not be removed, please do not submit photos with filters, as it makes it hard to notice specific facial features and skin colours, thus making it difficult to find a match for you.
  • Joke comments are allowed, as long as you don’t harass, threaten, or make fun of the OP in any way.
  • Comments that are not matches are allowed, as long as they are not spam and do not break any of the rules.
  • Comments that are just names of individuals are allowed, but linking to an image or multiple images is preferred.
  • Constructive criticism is allowed, as long as it is inoffensive. Don’t use words like “fat,” “ugly,” etc. when describing OP.
  • While downvotes are disabled for this subreddit, there are ways to bypass it, and if you do, please do not downvote a submission because you think that a submitter is unattractive. Downvote (and report) submissions and comments that are spam or otherwise break the rules. You can also downvote badly taken photos, like ones with filters or poor quality.
  • Flair your submissions based on what gender you are and what gender you want to be matched with. This is not a dating subreddit, so specificity is not important.
  • Putting your age in the title is not required, but it is recommended, as it can help people find matches for you.

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