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Erotic Hypnosis

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A place to discuss hypnosis used in erotic, sexy, and kinky contexts. Read the rules before contributing.


1) This subreddit is 18+. If you see activity by a minor, please report it.

2) Soliciting for subjects or hypnotists is not allowed here. r/HypnoHookup is specifically for this purpose. If you are interested in someone on the subreddit, please have the discussion in PMs.

3) If you are posting or linking to a file, script or something otherwise meant to mess with the reader's or listener's mind, clearly label it as such and state any effects/triggers beforehand.

4) Posts which self-promote (link to your site, your files, your porn, your writing, your trance / RP / Omegle logs, etc)...

  • a) are restricted to once per week. You may post multiple links under one self-post.

  • b) MUST be tagged using a simple system of brackets [ ] at the beginning or end of the post title stating if it is [free content], [ad-supported], [patreon-supported], [teaser], and/or [paid content]. Please tag as many as apply.

5) Chat, play, or RP transcripts, whether personal, anonymous, or group, must be posted with the explicit consent of all parties involved with that consent made obvious somewhere in the post (not necessarily in the transcript).


  • Read reddiquette for an idea of how to post constructively.

  • Be respectful of the other members of the subreddit. If someone is harassing you, message the moderators.


(Always under construction, message the mods to make a suggestion. No promotional content goes here!)

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Educational Resources

Community Links

  • Hypnation community / calendar, with the intent to have every local meetup, group, class, event, and munch scheduled in one place.
  • FetLife is where many / most IRL classes and events originate and are hosted.
  • NEEHU, New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference, the annual event that started it all, held in CT.
  • Entranced (formerly MEEHU) Erotic hypnosis conference, held in Chicago annually.
  • Charmed Erotic hypnosis conference held in Baltimore annually.

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