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Erotica: the mind-kinker

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We do not generally allow posts from outside links (blogs, etc.), only self posts. If you have a blog, please post as much of your story as you can in the post, and then you may link your blog in the comments. We may still not allow it if your blog has other things that don't have to do with erotica. we do not allow people linking to their books online, they WILL be removed.

When submitting a story, please attach tags to your title depicting the subject matter. For example: [mf], [mm], [ff], [mmf], [mff], [oral], [anal], [bi], etc.

Literary turn-ons of any kind welcome! This is the place to share not only story aggregators, but especially individual stories.

Please don't spoil the stories!

To add a mouseover-spoiler tag,

This is a spoiler would be entered as: [This is a spoiler](/spoiler)

Some links to get you started: /r/bdsmerotica /r/eroticliterature /r/sexystories /r/gonewildstories

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