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Expand Dong

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welcome to expand dong. enjoy the memes.


  1. All posts must follow the general "expand dong" format - this means using only cut out or copied and pasted letters/pictures from images, not adding regular or computer-generated text. For clarification of what this entails, check out this post. IRL posts fall under this rule as well; As long as they follow the general "expand dong" format, they are allowed.

  2. All images must be hosted either directly on imgur or reddit.

  3. No videos. Youtube Poops, YTPMV's, and others are not expand dong material.

  4. No spam, flaming, hate speech, or slurs in posts or comments.

  5. Source material/expansion packs may be posted in the stickied source material thread. Lone source material threads posted in new will be deleted.

repeated breaking of rules will result in a short ban, followed by a longer one if continued.


please read the rules on /r/sbubby before claiming a post is a sbubby or not an expansion. there are many posts that can be posted on either subreddit. it is not always black and white - some posts can be posted on either subreddit or vice versa. just because an expansion is clean does NOT mean it cannot be posted here.


we have an official discord channel! same rules apply as on the sub.

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