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Prevalent queries, rhetorically undertaken and concretized solely with discursive phraseology that is exclusive to those licentiates of higher theoretical pursuits, holding or undertaking the degree of philosophaie doctor in their field.

Common questions to be answered in terms that only a PhD student could understand! (Jargon-free discussion is also encouraged.)


This sub is for discussion and learning. If you are not posting to share your expertise, contribute to the conversation meaningfully, or ask a reasonable question, your post or comments may be removed. Please report any comments that you feel violate the spirit of the sub or message one of the moderators.

  • This is ExplainLikeI'mPhD, so in the spirit of rigorous thought, consider providing (open access, peer-reviewed) sources.

  • Be aware of clarity: in a text-based forum, spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation matter somewhat. (But don't be aggressively prescriptive.)

  • No threats, racism, sexism, homophobia, gendered slurs, political grandstanding, sex advertisements, leading or loaded questions; no agendas. We will remove those posts with no warning or discussion and repeat offenders will be banned.

  • Be appreciative! If someone contributes their expertise, acknowledge them, especially if they're an expert in their subject.

  • For the sake of collegiality, err on the side of graciously accepting someone's mastery of their subject unless they're demonstrably nutty. If someone's knowledge seems off, please focus on the information and not the person.

  • No requests for personal information.

  • Remember that we are all humans. Be nice!

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