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Final Fantasy XV News and Information

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Welcome to /r/FFXV!

^Worldwide ^Release ^Date: ^November ^29, ^2016

This is a subreddit to discuss anything about Final Fantasy XV.


Regarding Spoilers

  • Posting untagged spoilers on /r/FFXV is not allowed.

  • Do not put spoilers in the titles of posts.

  • Spoiler posts must be marked with the new "spoiler" button after the post is made.

  • Comments containing spoilers are only allowed in Threads marked as a SPOILERS thread.

  • Use the following code to tag spoilers in comments ONLY; [I am a spoiler!!](/spoiler) = I am a spoiler! Spoilers are not allowed in the titles of posts.

Other Rules

  • Do not repost articles or videos.

  • Posting links to illegal content is not allowed on /r/FFXV.

  • Follow Reddiquette.

  • Posts regarding the trading and selling of FFXV-related goods are not allowed on /r/FFXV. Rather, please make any trading/selling posts on /r/FFXV_Trades.


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