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>###Welcome to /r/FREE, the place for all things free. Please read the [rules] ( before posting, failing to do so can result in being banned.

>###Rules Rule #1 All posts must have a prefix. [FREE] or [GIVING]. Posts that do not have this will be removed.
Rule #2 No Referral links. This includes any and all links involving cash sites or anything that increases your standing.
Rule #3 No begging or asking. This includes asking for games, money, items, so on and so forth.
Rule #4 No Amazon ebooks or similar. This is to prevent spam and throwaways which bypass automod.

>Rule #5 No "Only pay shipping items" Please check the rules page for more info on this.
Rule #6 No pirated content.
Rule #7 Do not post personal information.
Rule #8 Your post must be clear. Please detail how the item can be claimed and what it is. Vague posts will be removed.
Rule #9 Use [FREE] and [Giving] correctly. Free is for something that is free from another website and giving is for something which you are giving away.


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