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  1. Posting pictures of people without their written consent will result in a ban.

  2. Having any form of pastry in your username will result in a ban.

  3. Being creepy results in a ban. The definition of creepy is left to moderator discretion.

  4. Questioning moderators (on this sub or elsewhere) results in a ban, and is grounds for maintaining a current ban.

  5. Advertising this subreddit or otherwise discussing it elsewhere results in a ban.

  6. Advertising other subreddits or otherwise discussing them elsewhere results in a ban.

  7. The capacity for respiration and sentience is potentially grounds for a ban, regardless of subreddit participation.

  8. Discussing your interactions with the moderators inside or outside the subreddit will result in a ban. If you are already banned you may be unbanned, then banned again.

  9. All rules are retroactive when necessary.

  10. Posting female cleavage is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban. Male cleavage is encouraged, but may also result in a ban.

  11. Talk about the rules? That's a rule violation, and will result in a ban.

  12. UncleSamuel ain't nothing but a baby back bitch. His bones are delicious.

  13. Finding any loopholes in these rules will result in a ban.

  14. Appealing a ban won't result in a ban. You'll just remain banned.

  15. Being from New Jersey, Wyoming, or Da Yoopee will result in a ban.

  16. Hesh wants sex.

The moderators of the subreddit reserve the right to ban any user at any time without any notice or warning.

We are a bot-friendly community. Meatsacks are only welcome on a per-user basis. Requests for exceptions will be met with immediate denial and subsequent ban.

Don't call us. We'll call you.


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