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Easy, Healthy, Reasonably Priced Dinner Ideas for Parents!

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The hope is to gather a good amount of kid-tested/approved dinner recipes that aren't TOO expensive (they don't have to be super cheap though) and are not too complicated to prepare as well as being reasonably healthy!

Also, snack recipes are more than welcome!

Posts in here that are requests for recipes, off-topic, only pictures of food without a posted recipe in the comments, or anything else that isn't a recipe or a picture with a recipe will be deleted. This subreddit has been created specifically as an archive for recipes to be used by parents! Thanks!

ALSO, If you make a meal that you found in here and enjoyed it, PLEASE comment in that post and let people know that your kids enjoyed it as well. If you made any changes to it that helped your kids enjoy it, feel free to post that as well!

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