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Fancy Follicles Subreddit Guidelines

  • This community is about mutual respect, and the following rules are provided to insure this.
  • If you have criticism or wish to start a discussion, please remain polite about it.
  • No sexual or romantic attention. Please do not remark on physical attractiveness of any gender (this includes requests for OP to go to majesticmanes, shorthairhotties, ladyboners, hairporn, vikingsgonewild, etc).
  • Insults and discriminatory comments are not tolerated.
  • Don’t downvote opinions simply because you disagree. Downvote only if the comment is rude or doesn’t provide reasoning.
    If you see such comments, please report them by clicking the button below the post. The mods reserve the right to determine what crosses the line. Repeat infractions will result in a ban.

  • Photography Guidelines: Please use a photograph with natural lighting, and a full view of the interesting bits. (not the nude kind) ;)

  • Style Advice:, make sure to include information about type of hair(curly, wavy, straight), thickness, preference of styling(air-dry, blow dry, etc), face shape and length desired.
  • Color Advice: ensure to include how much coloring you have done previously, what kind of process of prefer, your natural color and include a picture of your hair in a natural light (outdoors would be best).
  • Haircare Advice: provide as much detail as possible about your washing and styling routine and frequency, hair type, current condition, and desired condition.
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