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/r/Fantasy is a subreddit dedicated to news, discussion, AMAs, charities, and interaction related to the greater Speculative Fiction genre. For an audio overview of the origins of /r/Fantasy or how to be the best member possible, check out this podcast interview.

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>#####AMAs, Awards, and Challenges
Past Fantasy AMAs Stabby Award Winners Author Appreciation Book Bingo Reading Challenge * /r/Fantasy Exclusives

>#####Connect with Members Goodreads Group Find people with similar tastes * Live Chat on Discord

>#####Find Books Recommendations Guide Read the /r/Fantasy "Top" Lists /r/fantasy "Themed" lists Intro to Fantasy Flowchart Upcoming Book Releases r/Fantasy Book Database: All lists in one spreadsheet!

>#####Ghost Talkers - Goodreads Book of the Month Goodreads Group First Impressions (Spoiler Free) Midway Discussions March Nomintaions * Last Month - Senlin Ascends Discussions

>#####INDA Quartet Read/Re-Read Announcement Thread Intro and Roundup Post (GO HERE for all links to previous Read/Re-read Posts)

>#####Fantasy Websites Speculative Fiction Websites Fantasy-Related Subreddits

>#####For Fantasy Writers Signup: The Fantasy Writer of the Day Visit /r/fantasywriters for help with your novel

>### AMA Schedule Date|AMA Host :--:|:--- Jan 25-31| r/Fantasy Artist & Illustrator Week Feb 21|Ada Palmer Feb 21|Kendare Blake - READ FOR PIXELS CHARITY Feb 22|Mary Robinette Kowal - READ FOR PIXELS CHARITY Feb 23|Betsy Dornbusch Feb 27|Michelle Hodkin - READ FOR PIXELS CHARITY Feb 28|Randy Henderson Mar 1|Bradley P Beaulieu Mar 2|Nicholas Eames Mar 7|Erika Lewis Mar 9|Pierce Brown Mar 14|Brian McClellan Mar 16|Steven Brust and Skyler White Mar 20|V. E. Schwab Mar 21|Chuck Wendig Mar 23|Jacqueline Carey Mar 28|Bookburners: Max Gladstone, Margaret Dunlap, Mur Lafferty and Brian Francis Slattery Mar 30|Yoon Ha Lee April 3|R. Scott Bakker April 4|Meg Elison April 5|Mark Lawrence April 6|Mishell Baker April 7| Fools of Fantasy: Ashe Armstrong, Darrell Drake, Steven Kelliher, Andrew Rowe, Steve Thomas, and Will Wight April 11|Dan Koboldt April 13|Benedict Jacka April 18|Ian McDonald April 20|Brian Staveley April 25|Aliette de Bodard April 27|Lindsay Smith: Serial Box May 2|Josh Vogt May 4|Guy Gavriel Kay May 9|Tremontaine: Ellen Kushner, Malinda Lo, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Joel Derfner, Racheline Maltese, Patty Bryant, and Paul Witcover May 16|Gregory Benford Jun 8|Angus Watson Jun 13|Michael J Martinez June 15|Catherynne M. Valente June 20|Theodora Goss Jun 22|Martha Wells Jun 27|David Mealing Jun 29|Scott Oden July 6|Anna Smith-Spark July 11|Ben Peek July 13|Gail Carriger Aug 10|Daniel Wilson

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