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r/fantasyfootballIDP The place to go on Reddit for ALL FF needs

r/find a league Need a fantasy league to play in, come here.

r/fantasybaseball Official MLB fantasy site

r/madden For all of your gaming needs!

FleaFlicker NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL leagues only

MLB Fantasy Baseball Official Major League Baseball leagues

NBA Fantasy Basketball Official National Basketball Association fantasy legues

NFL Fantasy Football Official National Football League fantasy leagues

NHL Fantasy Hockey Official National Hockey League fantasy leagues

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Good for all sports

LeagueSafe Collect and protect your league dues

Who Do I Start?
  • Is your league standard/PPR/IDP?
Trade Help [Trade]
  • Is your league standard/PPR/IDP?
  • List it: Who you get for Who you give
  • Includes all Add/Drop questions as well.
Waiver Wire [Waiver]
  • Is your league standard/PPR/IDP
  • Who is on your current roster
Discussion [Discussion]

Discuss any player, team, match up or any other fantasy football discussion where you would like to hear other peoples opinions on the matter.

News [News]

Any and all breaking news including but not limited to player injuries, game day changes or player statuses. Please provide a link if applicable.

Misc [Misc]

Anything and everything else.

We love everything about fantasy

Tired of your post getting deleted? Tired of never having your legitimate question answered? Here in r/fantasy_football, ANYTHING FANTASY FOOTBALL RELATED can be posted, ask about your team, share the news, and tell your friends about us to help us to continue growing.

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